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B Angie B

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B Angie B is an African American female R&B vocalist and dancer who came onto the music scene in the early 1990s.

B Angie B (born Angela Boyd in 1968 in Morton, Mississippi) started singing in church and graduated from Morton High School in 1986. A few years later, Angie and her best friend moved out West (California) to pursue a music career together,

Once Angie was in California, she was discovered by music producer James Early and brought to MC Hammer's attention that she was a singer. B Angie B was featured on MC Hammer's song, "Pump it Up (Here's the News)" on his "Let's Get it Started" album and became a backup singer for his tours.

In 1989, B Angie B was part of MC Hammer's female rap group, Oaktown's 3.5.7. She added her vocals and appeared in the music video for Oaktown 3.5.7's single, "Juicy Gotcha Crazy." B Angie B continued to tour and produce background vocals for MC Hammer for his "Please Hammer, Don't Hurt 'Em" album in 1990. A year later in 1991, B Angie B was signed to MC Hammer's record label, Bust It.

During the same year, B Angie B released her self-titled debut album which peaked at #12 on Billboard's Top R&B\Hip-Hop Albums chart and #133 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Her first single, "I Don't Want to Lose Your Love" (a cover song originally sung by the Emotions) peaked at #54 on the Billboard Hot 100, #37 on Billboard's Hot Dance Music\Maxi-Singles Sales chart, and #2 on Billboard's Hot R&B Singles chart in March of 1991, staying on the chart for 18 weeks.

The second single from the album, "So Much Love" peaked at #3 on Billboard's Hot R&B Singles chart in June of 1991, staying on the chart for 19 weeks.

The last single from the album, a cover version of Chaka Khan's "Sweet Thang" peaked at #52 on Billboard's Hot R&B Singles chart in October of 1991, staying on the chart for 12 weeks.

B Angie B's debut album sold a 137,000 copies. Later on she made an appearance in rap group Kid 'N Play's movie "Class Act" and sung the title track "I Am A Class Act (Work That Body)."

In 1995, B Angie B released the single, "It's My Life" (under the name "Angie B") which peaked at #74 on Billboard's Hot R&B Singles chart in December of 1995, staying on the chart for 7 weeks. In 2000, Angie moved to Missisippi with her daughter. She quielty left the music scene and focused on raising her family.

In 2012, B Angie B came together with Musicshack Records, a brand new record label originated from Sweden. Björn "BJ" Johansson and Jim Lindqwister are behind all songs on the album. The album was released in April 22th, 2016. The album is an international collaboration recorded in San Francisco, London and Stockholm, Sweden, where her fan base continues to grow larger with each single still ranging from the up-beat dance tracks she has come to be known for to the smooth ballads she has mastered equally with that soulful voice of hers, topped only by her timeless beauty.



B Angie B - Stronger Than Ever